Stength4theJourney Radio has a schedule that will change periodically. The current schedule is as follows:

At 9:00, and 11:00 PM Central Dr Daniel Daves and I co-host Trunews as we interview John and Erick about  "Leaving to go with Purpose".

10:00 PM Central Program 71 On this program I interview a singer and song writer named John from Indiana as he and his wife were in Panama to “spy out” the land. A very interesting and powerful testimony, very much similar to my own, having prepped in the US for a number of years and then instructed by the Lord to leave.

8:00 PM Central Program 75  Does our heart possibly match our theology or our theology match our heart? My good friend and new assistant with the ministry of Strength4theJourney, David Guilliams, joins me on this program as we discuss a variety of topics including the doctrine of the Pre-tribulation Rapture.

7:00 PM Central Program 74 On this program, I interview a former guest Pastor Josh Kurth who recently started a new church in Boquete. We discuss the differences of the early church and the modern church and the type of church God is desiring to build today.

6:00 PM Central Program 73 The only true place of peace and comfort in our lives is doing the will of God. This week, the theme continues of leaving our comfort zones as I interview Pastor Mark Hornish from West Virginia. After building a “City of Refuge”, the Lord has instructed him and his wife to leave all and go to an unknown land.

5:00 PM Central Program 72  Many “Preppers” are prepared to stay but few are prepared to go. On this program I interview Erick Fleischman from Montana as we discuss the opportunities that lie ahead for the obedient as they leave their comfort zones.,

4:00 PM Central. Program #50 On this program, I interview my friend Ted Heath who I interviewed on Program 29, 30, and 31. Ted came to Panama to help with the crusade and distribute the 100,000+ Chick Tracts. We discuss a variety of topics from getting free from sexual lust to what it means to be on the narrow road, the road Jesus described that leads to life.

3:00 PM Central. Program #31 My long time friend, Ted Heath, joins me for one last program as we conclude our crusade in the province of Chiriqui Panama. On this program we have a very energized discussion about the healing power of the fear of the Lord and how the lack of the fear of the Lord will have devastating consequences on our lives not only in this life but the life to come.

2:00 PM Central. Program #30 Ted Heath is my guest again on S4TJ Radio as we continue our evangelistic outreach in Panama. We go more in depth during this program on how to get set free from sexual lust by dealing with the roots of lust.

1:00 PM Central. Program #29 My good friend Ted Heath joins us here in Panama to help conduct a 10 day evangelistic campaign. Ted has an amazing testimony of his deliverance from sexual lust that we’ll be discussing over the next 2 programs. Current statistics from numerous surveys among Christian men reveal that over 50% are addicted to internet pornography. This topic and how to be set free will be among the various topics we’ll be discussing.

12:00 PM Central. Program #27 Solomon could have asked for anything but instead of asking for riches and long life, he asked for an understanding heart. As a result he became the wisest man known among men. Jesus described the types of hearts all of us have by the condition or types of soil. What type of heart to we have? Has the difficult times of life hardened the soil of our hearts or has it become full of weeds by the cares of this life. If the condition of our hearts has caused our lives to become unfruitful, there is a cure that will transform our hearts into soil that will once again produce good fruit.

11:00 AM Central. Program #32 Many claim to know the Lord, but how many of those will be the Lord say on that day, “I never knew you”. Those words will be the most frightening words our ears could ever hear. Paul talked about many will be deceived into following another Jesus, another spirit, and another gospel (II Corinthians 11:4). On this program I discuss the real possibility that many today are following another Jesus and not the Jesus of the Bible.

10:00 AM Central. Program #33 What does it mean to hunger for the truth and what does it mean when we have no hunger? Just as we never hunger when we are physically asleep, could our lack of hunger for the things of God mean we are spiritually asleep?

9:00 AM Central Program #41 How do we know if we’re the bride of Christ? The bride of Jesus doesn’t just love Him in word but loves Him indeed. His bride doesn’t just love Him, she’s in love with Him. He’s the first thing on her mind when she wakes up and the last thing on her mind when she goes to bed. Many may claim to love Jesus, but the real question that needs to be answered is, are you in love with Him?

8:00 AM Central Program #26 How can the lost save the lost? Only the found can find the lost. Only those who have allowed the One, who has come to seek and save that which was lost, to live on the inside can fulfill His desires. Whose passions and desires are we living to fulfill? We are all the servant of one of two kingdoms. We are all the servant to whom we obey.

7:00 AM Central Program #18 The topic of this program is “What stands between us and God?” Do we have too much “stuff”. Will we allow what was intended to be our blessing to become our curse. Jesus said, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” Mark 8:3.

6:00 AM Central Program 14 God wants an intimate relationship with each one of us but the question is do we? Are there things in our lives that stand between us and our obedience to God? Will we allow Him to correct us, challenge us, or possibly lead us where we don’t want to go. How do we handle the trials and challenges in life. Will we praise him in the midst of the fire as He refines us makes us more like Him? The question is always a matter of trust.

5:00 AM Central Program 4 The Power of Thanksgiving. This program is dedicated to the topic of thanksgiving and how thankfulness can not only change circumstances in our life but has the power to transform our life.

4:00 AM Central Program 16 There was a young man who came running to Jesus and fell at His feet desiring eternal life. When Jesus gave him the “price tag”, it was more than he was willing to pay. What is each of our destinies worth? Is it worth all that we own? Jesus said, “How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God!” (Luke 18:24). Is the cost of obedience more we are willing to pay? Does our “extra” in our own lives afford our disobedience.

3:00 AM Central Program 38 Who can name the price of disobedience? That price isn’t determined by the disobedient but by the authority over the disobedient. Many who claim to believe don’t understand nor can comprehend the ultimate price of disobedience. Just as the rewards of obedience are beyond comprehension, the ultimate consequences of disobedience cannot be comprehended either.

2:00 AM Central Program 61 Times are changing and so must we. Have we grown complacent and are currently slumbering in our self-made comfort zones? Who hungers while they are asleep? Could a lack of hunger for the things of God be a result of our slumbering condition having gone to sleep in our “Comfort Zone”?

1:00 AM Central Program 57 On this program I discuss God’s refining fire and an article I recently wrote“Comfort in the Flame“. Can we find comfort in God’s refining fire? Do we despise the correction from the Lord or do we welcome it? If we really trust Him, we will welcome His correction knowing He truly loves us. “For whom the Lord loves he chastens, and scourges every son whom he receives.”(Hebrews 12:6) 

12:00 AM Central Program 50 On this program, I interview my friend Ted Heath who I interviewed on Program 29, 30, and 31. Ted came to Panama to help with the crusade and distribute the 100,000+ Chick Tracts. We discuss a variety of topics from getting free from sexual lust to what it means to be on the narrow road, the road Jesus described that leads to life.